Just a little about me, I have worked in retail/customer service for over 20 years. Recently (2015) I left the field looking for something different, so I started doing building maintenance for a local doctors office. After a few months I became his building maintenance manager. I started fixing everything and anything. Realizing how handy I have become after working here and on my 80 year old house I decided to start helping others fix their dreams of having their ” honey-do lists” done in a timely manor!

I’m just here to provide home repairs for people who don’t have time for the simple things. I’m not a contractor, I don’t build houses. I fix your leaky faucet, hang some trim, build you a flower box, fix a hole in the drywall, build or fix a dog house, hang pictures, etc.

I do quality work in a timely manor

I don’t charge a $100 bucks an hour.  I base everything off what you need done. Depends on what your needs are!

Please remember, this is a business and how I make money to care for my family. Their are a lot of things covered in the price of work I supply. Like taxes, fuel charge, credit card fees, truck maintenance, insurance, business insurance, etc. So all I ask is that you consider all the cost that go into every job.


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